Project by Ivana Spinelli started in 2011.

DIMMI NO :: SAY “NO”TO ME is a project that originated from a reflection about “selling”, on the occasion of the exhibiton “Non tutto è in vendita” (Not all is for sale), curated by Raffaele Gavarro, Bologna, 2011.

Through facebook I invited people to join in the project and answer two questions: What can’t be sold? and What would you never sell? In other words, which things have to be defended, rescued from monetization and bargaining? For two weeks these questions were repeated in my facebook-profile and all the comments/answers were recorded and collected in a small book, also reporting time and date.
What to sell is also a critical point in sociological research.
“Dimmi No” is a work in progress, to be continued in different languages.


Exhibition view: NON TUTTO E’ IN VENDITA, a cura di Raffaele Gavarro, Galleria OltreDimore, Bologna, 2011

Video installation, book.
Music by Modern Institute (Teho Teardo e Martina Bertoni)